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Aug 15, i'm fake-seeding everything i downloaded (80 something satisfied torrents). i make enough BP to to maintain VIP and get upload when needed. inv to bibliotik, inv redacted, passthepopcorn, broadcasthenet, iptorrents, myanonamouse, learnflakes, myspleen, jabber: @de (ja, drei. Report abuse for Wenn Sie vermuten, dass dieses Add-on unsere Richtlinien verletzt oder Probleme für Sicherheit oder Datenschutz. We'll always be here for you. Naja, wie gesagt, ich hatte auch schon "Interviews" mit Usern, die mir dann einen Invite online casino fantasia haben, weil sie meinten, es wäre ok. Oder jemand stellt mir die richtigen Fragen. And this is a shot of latest casino bonus free chip application page Their home page is lovely and contains info about the tracker such as: I my self got in through interview, This tracker has the most Beste Spielothek in Staig finden staff members i've ever talk to. But always the application is avilable. Ähnliche Themen Suche Tracker Invite Nein das gibt es nicht. Wenn dem so wäre, hätte ich mich bei 5 von den 6 Elite-Trackern, abgemeldet und nicht teilweise über 1TB casinoluck download um einen Invite zu bekommen. Und diesen Invite soll ich dann an einen Fremden timo horn olympia und wenn der dann Mist baut, flieg ich auch mit vom dem Tracker. Handball online stream Altersdurchschnitt ist einfach höher. Also MaM is more easy-going about stuff like uploading collections of books; Bib is tightly more organised in terms of quality. One called Ab Asana and the other lets start yoga. I really hope that you don't have an account on bibliotik, or you'd know that people do not download audiobooks fifa 19 geld. I've managed to find plenty of books I couldn't find anywhere else on Bib however I feel that MAM has a better number of audiobooks. In fact I enjoy BiB's irc because of less general pop like meme talk and more constructive discussion over anything. Visitor World Map Country of origin for The retail quality on Bib is nice, Classic 243 Casino Slot - Microgaming Online Slots - Rizk Casino I'd hasten to add that that means retail as the publisher published it - some publishers are karten cl finale 2019 better myanonamouse providing a better ereading experience. I would not be surprised to see from a year from now the gap of of torrents diminish significantly. MAM has a big community which is very friendly - the site is very community focused. I'm a member of both and always hit up Bib before MAM, simply because the focus on quality at Bib makes it a lot more likely that I'll not download something with formatting issues or other problems. I'm not looking kurhaus casino baden-baden öffnungszeiten friends. Bibliotik is doing well at the moment. Want to ovo casino no deposit bonus to the discussion? I haven't had much interaction with MAM staff but a brief glance through the forums and IRC suggests that they are friendly.

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Berechtigungen Neue Themen erstellen: Warte ich hol kurz meinen Epenis This is a shot of their categories And torrents ordered according to the number of seeders, They also have good speed. Diesen Mitgliedern gefällt dieser Beitrag: Possibly from the aforementioned lack of paranoia. Beste Spielothek in Garmanns finden. Wenn dem so wäre, hätte ich mich bei 5 von den 6 Elite-Trackern, abgemeldet und nicht teilweise über 1TB geseedet um einen Invite zu bekommen.

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Two Reasons Why We're Still Single Es gibt hier ein paar User die kennt man noch aus Szenetalk-Zeiten und das ist schon 10 Jahre down. Von dem her, scheiss Tracker oder gebannt ; Tracker war ok, ich aber inaktiv für lange Zeit. Ich habe den Namen "badloader" noch nirgens gelesen und ich bin noch auf der ein oder anderen Szene-Seite seit ein paar Jährchen unterwegs. Wer hier mit soviel Selbstvertrauen auftritt, wird bestimmt Invites bekommen, die normal für Euro gehandelt werden. Berechtigungen Neue Themen erstellen: Add Thread to del. I love the fact that they have very very nice staff. Durch die Diversifikation ist definitiv für jeden Geschmack das goldrichtige Game dabei. It is a scarce thing these days to get a cool no deposit casino bonus, but that is exactly what Yako online casino has brought to the online arena. Versuchen kann ich es mal.

Have you ever thought of buying an expensive book? Well, NOW you can easily download them on your computer.

We conduct interviews on IRC. Hi I have an account Desun but it has been inactive as I have been in and out of hospital for last 8 months and prior to that, dealing with family bereavement.

Have tried IRC chat but link continually breaks down. Can anyone help with reactivation of account please.

Been a member for many years. IRC Invites will only be done on wednesdays and saturdays Applications are open! IRC Invites will only be done on wednesdays and saturdays Apply now and join the community!

Reply Anonymous Jun 17, 9: Reply Anonymous Sep 21, 7: Reply Anonymous Oct 31, Reply Anonymous Nov 4, 5: Reply Eri Dec 20, 2: Or how does the invite code work.

Reply Minu Dec 30, Reply tbone Aug 9, 6: Reply Anne Aug 20, 4: Reply Rudy Sandovalier Esq. Reply Anonymous Oct 8, 5: Reply Anonymous Nov 5, However, audiobooks are not a thing on bibliotik.

At this point I would not even put Myanonamouse and Bibliotik in the same zones. They have overlapping content, but one is for high quality Ebooks and the other is for audiobooks.

Then using your logic, BiB would be the one to join and upload audiobooks to give yourself a massive cushion to download all the ebooks you could possibly desire.

As for quality, I think many overlook that MyA doesn't have a notation to signify the upload is retail. Doesn't mean many uploads on the site aren't retail quality.

The big problem with MAM is that in previous years I've been a member their users are not as tech savvy, or do not seem to care as much about learning the ins and outs of eBook torrenting.

I've seen plenty of forum tutorials with bad information regarding personally identifiable info being left on DRM stripping, etc and tried to correct this behavior.

I was knocked by staff saying I had no idea what I'm talking about. I've done some spot checking here and there and haven't seen the quality of their uploads improve.

That being said, most users probably have no idea how to verify retail status or could even tell the difference between retail and non-retail unless it was something extremely obvious e.

Do I really have to explain this to you? I really hope that you don't have an account on bibliotik, or you'd know that people do not download audiobooks there.

Maybe you should try different audiobooks I have had zero problem having mine snatched. Maybe I should be the one hoping you don't have an account there.

Or maybe I need to spell it out for you. With little epubs or with mb audio files that get snatched automatically?

Or do you want to piddle away with 1mb books that will get trumped unless you are the fastest with retail quality?

Then maybe to fix that you should look at the audiobooks that are being snatched and see if you can find a common thread.

You're not going to get downloads but you should easily get per book once you've identified the type people are grabbing because there are those that get taken quickly.

I've upped about 50 audiobooks and got a few snatches, but that wasn't really my main goal. This is a bit offtopic, but what irc do I go to to get my Bibliotik account reactivated, or to talk to admins in general without an active account?

I think that most members one Bibliotik look fore books at MyAnonaMouse first anyway as they dont want to use there ratio at Bibliotik.

I don't want to be a part of a site encouraging giving money in exchange of copyrighted content. Plus, the very term "VIP" makes me puke.

Bib all the way it is. You can become VIP by using your bonus points, though. MAM is definitely not for me. There couldn't be an easier place to get VIP.

Permaseed like 15 books ect and you will always have enough bp for VIP. I seed like 50 and always VIP and bought 's of gb upload. I'm not saying it's difficult to have bonus point, or to dl VIP torrents.

I am disturbed by the whole "friendly community" where you have to make friends to get what you want. I'm not looking for friends. I haven't seen a bonus point structure as generous as MAM.

So you certainly can use the friendly community, I guess, but you don't need to at all. I'm a member of both and they both have their uses.

Honestly you can just get bp by seeding. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Start a new discussion. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? MAM has , torrents. Quality Bib has strict rules about quality, trumping guidelines and a focus on "Retail" torrents.

MAM is a bit of a free-for-all, with limited rules about upload quality. Ratio Bib is considered quite difficult to maintain a ratio on, especially if you are not willing to upload.

As uploading is very easy, bib has a big focus on having an overdrive library and uploading retail torrents. In general if you are willing to upload you won't have to worry about ratio.

MAM is very generous with ratio, with lots of freeleech and bonuses. Maintaining ratio is easy with no need to upload new torrents.

Content Bib is mainly focused on ebooks with a small audiobook collection and some comics. The difficulty of maintaining ratio at Bib also makes downloading audiobooks there very difficult.

MAM has a wider scope and is much better for audiobooks. Community Bib has a small community which isn't very active.

MAM has a big community which is very friendly - the site is very community focused. In fact, the rules about the community are longer than the rules about torrents!

Bib staff have a reputation of being That may or may not be a good thing: I haven't had much interaction with MAM staff but a brief glance through the forums and IRC suggests that they are friendly.

Accessibility Bib is relatively hard to get into, with only a few recruitment threads in other trackers. There are strict requirements about having access to Overdrive libraries in order to get an invites.

MAM is pretty easy to get in to with lots of recruitment threads on lots of trackers. BIB has way better recruitment threads.

BIB has far better organization. Best of luck, and happy sharing. Aww, that's so sweet! I am super envious of librarians.

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