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It Came from Venus

It Came from Venus

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It Came From Venus Video

VAL VALIANT THOR ~ THE HUMANOID ALIEN FROM VENUS WHO CAME WITH A MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD! As the brightest point-like object in the sky, Venus is a commonly misreported " unidentified flying object ". Results are instantaneous osculating values at the precise J epoch. The giant impact idea also has trouble explaining why the Earth and the moon are so peculiarly similar. Here are a few little tips and wise words of advice for you to learn how to approach me and how to behave around me. Both of these are legitimate fears and I can totally understand why these would be a major area of concern but when it comes to the need for discretion and privacy, I have a few things to say about that. It is not that the works discussed here had no aesthetic purpose, nor even that Greece ignored the aspects of form or value including commercial value in works of the past which we see as components of art, but the most famous works were made for purposes which were pragmatic Beste Spielothek in Hildfeld finden specific - certainly not initially for the admiration of enlightened art-lovers. That sense of enigmatic incompleteness has transformed an ancient work of art into a modern one. Earth, Moon, and Planets. I am more open about this kind of thing online casino trustworthy most cucks It Came from Venus comfortable with, I realize this. Journal of Geophysical Research: There was a transit of Venus within his lifetime, family jackpot mcdonalds 24 Mayalthough it is questionable whether it would have been visible from his location. The page you are trying to access: Sign in to add this to a playlist. However, any future Venusian astronauts shouldn't get too concerned about this, for the surface of Venus is so hot that the rain evaporates geant casino espace client it even touches the ground!

ESA concluded that mission in December In , NASA announced that it was planning a rover, the Automaton Rover for Extreme Environments , designed to survive for an extended time in Venus's environmental conditions.

It would be controlled by a mechanical computer and driven by wind power. Venus is a primary feature of the night sky, and so has been of remarkable importance in mythology , astrology and fiction throughout history and in different cultures.

Classical poets such as Homer , Sappho , Ovid and Virgil spoke of the star and its light. Because the movements of Venus appear to be discontinuous it disappears due to its proximity to the sun, for many days at a time, and then reappears on the other horizon , some cultures did not recognize Venus as single entity; instead, they assumed it to be two separate stars on each horizon: Nonetheless, a cylinder seal from the Jemdet Nasr period indicates that the ancient Sumerians already knew that the morning and evening stars were the same celestial object.

The Sumerians associated the planet with the goddess Inanna known as Ishtar by the later Akkadians and Babylonians , and their myths of Inanna are often allegories for the apparent motions and cycles of the planet.

Shukra which is used in Indian Vedic astrology [] means "clear, pure" or "brightness, clearness" in Sanskrit. One of the nine Navagraha , it is held to affect wealth, pleasure and reproduction; it was the son of Bhrgu , preceptor of the Daityas, and guru of the Asuras.

Venus is known as Kejora in Indonesian and Malay. The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed Venus to be two separate bodies, a morning star and an evening star.

The Egyptians knew the morning star as Tioumoutiri and the evening star as Ouaiti. Venus was considered the most important celestial body observed by the Maya , who called it Chac ek , [] or Noh Ek ', "the Great Star".

With the invention of the telescope, the idea that Venus was a physical world and possible destination began to take form. The impenetrable Venusian cloud cover gave science fiction writers free rein to speculate on conditions at its surface; all the more so when early observations showed that not only was it similar in size to Earth, it possessed a substantial atmosphere.

Closer to the Sun than Earth, the planet was frequently depicted as warmer, but still habitable by humans.

Findings from the first missions to Venus showed the reality to be quite different, and brought this particular genre to an end. The astronomical symbol for Venus is the same as that used in biology for the female sex: The speculation of the existence of life on Venus decreased significantly since the early s, when spacecraft began studying Venus and it became clear that the conditions on Venus are extreme compared to those on Earth.

A few scientists have speculated that thermoacidophilic extremophile microorganisms might exist in the lower-temperature, acidic upper layers of the Venusian atmosphere.

This has led to proposals to use aerostats lighter-than-air balloons for initial exploration and ultimately for permanent "floating cities" in the Venusian atmosphere.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the planet. For other uses, see Venus disambiguation. Second planet from the Sun in the Solar System.

A real-colour image taken by Mariner 10 processed from two filters. The surface is obscured by thick sulfuric acid clouds.

Following the right-hand rule for prograde rotation puts Ishtar Terra in the southern hemisphere and makes the axial tilt Geology of Venus and Volcanology of Venus.

Cloud structure in the Venusian atmosphere in , revealed by observations in the ultraviolet band by Pioneer Venus Orbiter. Global radar view of Venus without the clouds from Magellan between and Absorption spectrum of a simple gas mixture corresponding to Earth's atmosphere.

Green colour — water vapour, red — carbon dioxide, WN — wavenumber other colours have different meanings, lower wavelengths on the right, higher on the left.

Transit of Venus and Transit of Venus, Observations and explorations of Venus. There was a transit of Venus within his lifetime, on 24 May , although it is questionable whether it would have been visible from his location.

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Results are instantaneous osculating values at the precise J epoch. Kenneth; Archinal, Brent A. Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy.

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Retrieved 8 August HITRAN is a compilation of spectroscopic parameters that a variety of computer codes use to predict and simulate the transmission and emission of light in the atmosphere.

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A Quasi-Satellite of Venus". Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. A Transient Companion to Venus". A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe.

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Retrieved 10 January Science and Civilisation in China, Volume 3: Mathematics and the Sciences of the Heavens and the Earth. Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism.

University of Chicago Press. Mathematics and Physical Sciences". History of Oriental Astronomy: The Sun Recorded Through History.

Journal for the History of Astronomy. Retrieved 10 May Mikhail Lomonosov and the discovery of the atmosphere of Venus during the transit.

Period Estimated from Radar Measurements". The Soviet Exploration of Venus. Retrieved 27 December National Academy of Sciences. Retrieved 19 July Retrieved 29 August Retrieved 15 January Understanding Planets in Ancient Mesopotamia.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Hindu Rites, Rituals, Customs and Traditions: A to Z on the Hindu Way of Life.

American lectures on the history of religions. The Japanese numbers game: The passing of Korea. The Counsel Book of the Yucatec Maya, Star Gods of The Mayans: Since then he has texted me trying to pretend he is someone I met last summer.

I smelled bullshit right away, laughed at him, and promptly told him to go fuck himself. This last one was especially hilarious and I nearly died laughing before hanging up.

Another peculiar thing that has happened recently is the interest from some of my black guys. So while I may not be writing about cuckolding as much as I did in the past, one of my friends said to me today I can always write about my Queen of Spades adventures because that always continues for me.

The last three years in this lifestyle have been intense and beautiful and also disappointing. This kind of relationship has the potential to be everything you can imagine it would be, I just wish you more luck than I have had and please beware of the the liars and manipulators out there.

Findommes are a real pain in my ass. Thanks to the internet all of us are searching online for our soulmates in the cuck lifestyle and this can be a tricky and sometimes very shady place.

There are online profiles which are fake or misleading soooo many and some people who lure you into trusting them so that they can extort you or blackmail you.

Some are upfront about it, claiming to be into financial domination and looking for paypigs guys who feel submissive by giving money to greedy women , and other women are sneaky bitches about it by lying and manipulating men into giving them money.

Women are literally making a living off of these men and they are everywhere online. For the record I am not one of these gold digging bitches.

Yes I do love to be treated well but I want my man to treat me that way because he genuinely wants to and not because I demand it from him.

I would take offense to be labelled as a findomme as this is so far from who I actually am and anyone who says it about me simply does not know me at all.

You can trust me on that. A few years ago when I was introduced to cuckolding by a new boyfriend I was lucky enough to not have watched any cuck porn prior to that.

I say lucky because I think the vast majority of cuck porn out there is fucking garbage. It got me wondering though…why is cuck porn so awful?

Why have porn companies done such a bad job with this one category? Sure you can have the husband watching his wife get pounded by another man, but how boring is that for the viewer?

I think the realness of the scene is appreciated by the viewers but still is missing something in the translation to the person watching who is trying to imagine being there, a part of it.

Then there are the cuckolding memes that dominate Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and all sorts of other places.

Here are a few little tips and wise words of advice for you to learn how to approach me and how to behave around me. Of course this is a continuation to my expectations in How to catch a Goddess so definitely take notes on that one too.

What do your friends think about you being a cuckoldress? What kinds of things do you make your cuck do? What is it about cuckolding that makes you like it?

How did you get into cuckolding? How public do you want your lifestyle? Do you want to marry your cuck? Do you want your cuck to participate sexually with you and your bull?

Are you into forced bi or ass play for your cuck? What was the reaction of the tattoo artist when you got your queen of spades tattoo?

How long ago did you get into black guys? Do you like BBC bareback and do you want to get pregnant? Is there such a thing as too big? I want to get married on a white sand beach somewhere overlooking crystal clear waters.

I see myself on my knees, my ring sparkling on my finger, my hair perfectly styled and my makeup on point, and my pretty white dress contrasting sharply with the smooth beautiful black skin surrounding me.

The photographer in the background making sure every incredible moment is expertly documented for me.

I want a comparison photo of his unfortunate white dick next to a huge black cock — god I love those photos!

Then hubby goes back to sitting in the corner to watch. My mascara runs down my cheeks, my blonde hair falls out of place, my dress eventually ends up in a messy pile on the floor.

The photographer captures all of it. I look over at my husband sitting there, watching me, loving it. I am in heaven and he is right there with me.

This is undoubtedly going to be the best day of my life and I will want a repeat every anniversary after that! I basically understood nothing about what its purpose was.

This seemingly effortless transition got me wondering…. Do women become more selfish and cruel and therefore the men become more submissive and eager to please?

I think that for women who were born for this kind of relationship, they enjoy the attention, sexual superiority and empowerment that this lifestyle gives them.

It gives her permission to set the bar high and insist that he exceed it for her. And for men who are hardwired to be a cuck, the trust and commitment in this kind of relationship allows them to feel safe to submit to her and to want to live their own sex life strictly through hers.

I have been one of the lucky ones who has had lots of opportunities. About 10 years ago I began reading Savage Love by Dan Savage — a sex advice column in the Georgia Straight, a newspaper here in Vancouver — and it opened my eyes to other kinds of relationship dynamics.

Right around the same time I happened to stumble upon a swingers website and found myself chatting with some people in the chat room.

I found everyone to be friendly, welcoming, and non-judgmental. It was the perfect environment for me to learn more about non-monogamy.

Next I met up with some couples and single ladies here in Vancouver and then started going to sex clubs and private events.

It was these opportunities that gave me the perfect safe environment for me to explore my own sexuality and it gave me confidence, empowerment, and a sense of being comfortable in my skin, more than ever before.

Surprisingly most people were a lot less concerned about your body flaws and more concerned about your happiness and safety and I just loved that.

What better place to feel comfortable and encouraged. I wish all women could be surrounded by similar people. Over the next several years I released my inner slut.

I tried singles, doubles, small groups, large groups, women and men, just women, toys, squirting, fisting, stretching…the list goes on.

I basically tried everything that was available for me to explore within that community. We are told from a young age that there is shame in having an appetite for sex and people can be so cruel when they are busy slut shaming and ridiculing women.

I wish all of that would stop. Some women like myself, choose to have a queen of spades tattoo to symbolize their preference, usually on a visible place on their body.

I have three; on my ankle, above my pussy, and on the back of my neck. For me, I wanted black men for sex soon after my first experience with a black man.

He and I had some amazing sexual chemistry and I wanted to find someone else like him. Once I was in my first cuck relationship he encouraged me even more and then soon enough I had lots of encounters with black men and most of them were also just as incredible in bed.

So that was it — after that I was hooked. Now well hung black men is all I want these days. My brain is just wired that way now. Why do I want a cuck then?

This is what people ask me all the time. And those two things are found in two different people. This is the reason I think that no one here has recognized my QOS tattoos or approached me about them.

If I make the 40 minute drive to the US border though, I find that a lot more people down there actually do know what it means. I have managed to turn one of my close girlfriends into a Queen of Spades within the past 3 years.

She came out with me one night when I met up with one of my black guys and he had a friend with him. She was married at that time but she ended up having an affair with him and since that time she has had several other encounters with black men, some of those encounters as a group with myself included.

I told her I knew this day was coming! She explained that she loves the confidence black men have. She said they just know that they can get what they want and it shows in the way they speak to you, the way they act, the way they are dominant in bed.

Yes yes yes I agree! Unlike me though, she is not interested in cuckolding. Maybe she will get a queen of spades tattoo as well some day.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed for a podcast on the subject of cuckolding. Today it aired on www. For all of my readers who would like to listen to my story, here is the link: Some of the answer to this question can be found in my post called the answer the the question all cucks as me.

I find each relationship to be different but overall I do like female led relationships with a bit of cuck humiliation. I like male chastity and some aspects of sexual denial, and I obviously love my list of 17 ways to cuck your man and I would do anything from that list.

I understand that there needs to be some discretion about this kind of thing and my intention is not to publicize my private life to everyone out there but I have no interest in living this lifestyle in the closet in fear of being outed.

I am more open about this kind of thing than most cucks are comfortable with, I realize this. I think cucks are hoping for a more interesting story about that.

Everyone asks me this and I understand why. It would seem like it would make sense for me to gravitate towards that but really I need both cuckolding and black men in my life to be happy.

Without one or the other I would feel unfulfilled and unhappy. Other reasons are that I just cannot do monogamy and I also require my boyfriend to be totally faithful to me.

The bigger the better. Good luck with that. Good luck with that too. I would suggest you introduce her to other women who are into black guys in the hopes that they become friends.

That might steer her in that direction. Hopefully that will satisfy your curiosity for a little while…. Here are a few stories about my adventures.

In June I had a cuck come to meet me here in Vancouver. He was a nice guy and we got along well. We went out to restaurants, rented a boat and spent the afternoon on the water.

I had been talking to a tall black guy from LA that day who happened to be in Vancouver. So I arranged to have him show up at the bar we were going to be in later that night.

I kept it secret from the cuck. We were sitting at the bar when I saw him walk in, tall black and beautiful.

It Came from Venus -

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from Venus Came It -

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