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Dead mans hand - casino der verdammten

dead mans hand - casino der verdammten

Drei junge Pärchen besuchen in einer Geisterstadt in der Nähe von Las Vegas ein verfallenes altes Casino, weil einer der ihren das Anwesen unlängst als. Doch eins ist echt dumm: Vor exakt 40 Jahren geschah hier im Casino ein Massaker, und die Dead Man´s Hand - Casino der Verdammten (USA ). 7. Apr. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Dead Man's Hand - Casino der Verdammten (USA, | Horror) ▻ Alles. I mean, there should be more in a relationship--at least one headed for marriage--than a rumpled bed. Jul 17, Ruth Ellen rated it really liked it. The Monster Returns Dr. Frankenstein dedicates himself to destroying his creation. Casinos austria zentrallager felt like Kitty spent a lot of time running around sticking her nose in where Beste Spielothek in Blundersdorf finden shouldn't and in general not really accomplishing anything. This book Beste Spielothek in Oberbrand finden everyything, and then some in it. In the Beste Spielothek in Südkamp finden Mary Shelley's Frankensteinthe creature is played by Robert De Niro in a nearer approach to the original source, except this version gives the creature balding grey hair and a body covered in bloody stitches. Je kunt online dan ook gemakkelijk veel geld vergokken zonder echt in de gaten te hebben hoeveel je uitgeeft. It's really starting to turn stale. He finds Frankenstein's journal in the pocket of the jacket he found in the laboratory, and swears revenge on his creator for leaving him alone in freespins ohne einzahlung world that hates him. Er is enorm veel informatie over te vinden. Other books in the series. Contrary to many film versions, the creature in the novel is very articulate and eloquent in his way of speaking. I Was a Teenage Frankenstein. She's a "normal" girl that just happens to be a werewolf. Dracula, Die Italien Ju-On - The Grudge Japan Dirndljagd am Kilimanscharo BRD New Blood Hongkong Live Evil USA Symphony in Blood Red Italien Frankensteins Monster USA Lebendig begraben USA Stripper Zombieland USA Fright Night USA Nonnen von Clichy, Die Frankreich

Aug 22, Sheri rated it it was amazing. Kitty and the Dead Man's hand is a suspense filled all night read. Once again Carrie Vaughn pulls off another hit.

Kitty is in Las Vegas planning to get married when trouble arises. With bounty hunters on her tail, an old school magician who may be the "real thing", an animal act leader who lusts for Kitty, and a laid back Vampire leader, Kitty once again does not know who to trust.

Kitty is on a mission to find out what the hidden secrets of "sin city" are all about, as she is in a race for time Kitty and the Dead Man's hand is a suspense filled all night read.

Kitty is on a mission to find out what the hidden secrets of "sin city" are all about, as she is in a race for time to find Ben, before both of them end up dead by a silver bullet.

I look forward to the next in the series Christian Grey added it Shelves: Mar 01, Janice Janicu rated it liked it. This time, Kitty travels to Las Vegas, which I guess is why the title is what it is according to wikipedia, it's the name of a poker hand rumored to be held by Wild Bill Hickok at the time of his death.

She's working hard at her job with The Midnight Hour, living in Denver, able to see her family and enjoying time with her mate, Ben.

The pack is also doing fine - Rick calls it the "honeymoon period" because as the new alpha pair, Ben and Kitty are encountering no major grumblings about their leadership.

At the end of Kitty and the Silver Bullet Kitty and Ben seem to be mated as wolves, and their human sides decide to make it official and get married.

Of course, being the people Kitty and Ben are, after stressing over the planning for a traditional wedding I can relate here , they both agree that a wedding in Vegas would be perfect for them.

Of course, Kitty's plans to just elope don't happen, because soon her parents are coming and the radio station wants Kitty to do a 2 hour televised show the same weekend.

This book had a slow first half as all the players in Vegas are introduced. Kitty plans out her television show and so much of the book has her doing footwork to meet possible supernatural guests for her show.

The back cover blurb describes them so I'll mention who some of them are: Then of course there is the gun show going on in the same hotel Kitty and Ben are staying in, which brings in an element who aren't really werewolf lovers.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop in this book, but no action really seemed to be happening for the first pages except me feeling paranoid as the reader that "Ok this person is hiding something and wants to do something to Kitty.

Or maybe that person. Not that she's stupid, but her very nosy nature that comes along with asking questions for a living doesn't help. When the action finally does arrive though, I can't blame her for it - it's more the fault of her being a werewolf than Kitty's curiosity.

The relationship in this book between Kitty and Ben feels more secure to me, finally. Again, I'm paranoid maybe it was TJ's death in book 1 that makes me so , but I hope they stay together because I really like Ben.

They act like a real couple who have been together long enough to know each other enough to be partners - compromising works here.

I liked that I could recognize guys I know in real life in Ben. I do still think that in wolf terms though, Kitty is more alpha, but maybe because Ben lets her be, since she's got more experience being a werewolf than him.

This book felt more like a transition book than the previous four. Although there is an ending to what happened in Vegas - it does not stay in Vegas ha ha, sorry, but look at the next books back cover blurb, I'm not the only one saying it.

It looks like things end in a small cliffhanger and we'll have to see what happens next in Kitty Raises Hell. Several interesting new characters are introduced and Kitty and Ben's relationship moves forward, but there was a lot of set up in the first half before the action occurred.

Also, we don't really hear everything that happens to Ben in this book because it's written from Kitty's POV, which had me gnashing my teeth I hope that information shows up in the next book too.

This review appeared first at Fantasy is More Fun. Note, there are some spoilers from previous books in this review I love Kitty. That's the main thing that came out of Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand for me.

I guess Carrie Vaughn knew what she was doing after all, eh? I also like the strength that Kitty's found and FINALLY hung on too - it's stuck with her for a consistent two books in a row now, so fingers crossed she won't be retreating again!

I do miss McCormick and I hope he finds his way into some future books, despite being in prison. We also met some interesting new characters in this book and I'm curious to see if any of them will make much of an appearance in future books.

I thought the "friends" from Ben's previous world as a paranomral hunter were an interesting bunch and provided a fun tension to the story - Kitty was always nervous around them and I couldn't blame her.

I was never sure if she should trust them or not. Now, it's more like a steep hill than a cliff, because you could survive without jumping into the next book, but I'm so not going to try that.

I'm jumping in right away! Oh and I still love Marguerite Gavin's narration. She IS Kitty - no way I could read these and not hear her voices.

And she's spot on for the voice of a radio DJ - or as Kitty is in this book, a tv personality. Very cool twist and Margurite's voice is just perfect for it!

As a side note - I still have no idea why it's called Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand , which kind of bugs me I also don't know why the last one was called Kitty and the Silver Bullet.

I can find kind of rambling connections but they feel far fetched I know it's not important or really relevant to the review but it's bugging me.

Kitty and Ben are engaged and her ailing mother seems determined to guilt her into having the wedding quickly while her mother's still around to see it Kitty and Ben are frustrated by the thought of all the planning and don't really want a big wedding so they decide on the plan to elope to Las Vegas to get married.

When Kitty's boss finds out about the trip, he comes up with the idea for her to do a live show that's also o 3. When Kitty's boss finds out about the trip, he comes up with the idea for her to do a live show that's also on TV while in Vegas.

Kitty's a bit frustrated over being expected to work over her wedding weekend but agrees. To placate her mother, Kitty invites her parents to Vegas for the nuptials but no one else.

Things were going to be busy enough with Kitty and Ben's wedding as well as Kitty doing her show but of course other things have to turn up to cause more issues for them.

On the paranormal side; there's a magician that appears to be a decent guy but is too mysterious to tell for sure, the vampire master of the city who doesn't really seem to be master of anything, as well as a group of shifters that perform a shifter animal act in Vegas and seem to gain an unhealthy interest in Kitty.

On the more mundane side of things there's still some danger since the hotel they're staying in is hosting a gun show and many of the paranormal hunters that Cormac and Ben know are there.

Unfortunately, none of them are especially friendly to Kitty and a couple seem to be very interested in taking her out just for the sake of saying they did.

Obviously, there's a lot of stuff going on that causes drama and danger. Kitty and Ben stumble through and manage to come out of things alright in the end and then Kitty and Ben head home married and happy to get out of Vegas.

This was a pretty enjoyable story. I still liked Kitty as a heroine but I will say that there were a few times in this book where she seemed to lack her usual intelligence and ran into trouble without thinking at all.

I mean she's made some mistakes in judgement before but in this book it just seemed worse. Thankfully, she makes some friends that help her get through things alright.

Overall, the story was still pretty good even with a bit of frustration on my part and I still liked the characters so I'd recommend it and the series.

Mar 20, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads program here on Goodreads.

Thanks to the author, publisher, and Goodreads for the opportunity to read and review this book. Carrie Vaughn is nothing if not consistent.

Book 5 in her series belongs right up there with the first 4. One of my favorite things about this series is that she explores new ground with each one.

Consistant then would be the quality of the story. But this isn't just the same adventure with a few name changes and a I received a free copy of this book through the First Reads program here on Goodreads.

But this isn't just the same adventure with a few name changes and a new cover. This time Kitty goes to Vegas, where chaos ensues.

I have come to the conclusion now that it is Kitty's voice that compells me to reading. As the narrator, we certainly get to know her quite intimately.

She's a "normal" girl that just happens to be a werewolf. She's the "girl next door", to borrow a cliche.

She has a great sense of humor, and I find myself chuckling at her wit quite often. One other note on this book specifically: I love the reference to Lovecraft that comes late in the novel though giving nothing away and I laughed to myself at the subtle witty reference to Narnia that came right before that Jul 19, Vanessa rated it did not like it.

Not the most exciting installment in the series, the first few chapters were great-then it fell flat. Who knew a trip to Vegas in an urban fantasy book could be so painfully yawn inducing?

Seriously-this book was the perfect solution to my insomnia for a solid week. Even a few villains thrown in half way through the book could not keep me awake did I mention it was based in Las Vegas?

Also, Kitty and Ben are losing their luster, I'm not as connected in their relationship as I was a few books Not the most exciting installment in the series, the first few chapters were great-then it fell flat.

Also, Kitty and Ben are losing their luster, I'm not as connected in their relationship as I was a few books ago. And no, it's not the impending marriage that's making them lose their spark.

It's the writing-and the lack of chemistry between the two. For example, why would Ben postpone his wedding by a few hours just to gamble in a card game?

Why would Kitty be completely cool with it? They continually made excuses to keep away from each other-during their marriage weekend. At the end of the book I could have honestly been ok with Ben not being a part of the series anymore, if only to add some juice to the book.

I'm going to give the next one another chance, hoping it's a hell of a lot better. Apr 26, Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson rated it liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Samantha wickedshizuku by: Maybe I was hoping for a dinner and a show Maybe something similar to this By this point in the series I was quite resentful of Kitty's choice in love interests.

As I've said in other reviews for the series I really don't think Kitty and Ben's chemistry doesn't mesh very well.

Now I think it would have been more believable if they had only stayed friends. For some reason I feel that there is go You know I don't know what I was wanting, when I read that the settings were to be in Las Vegas.

For some reason I feel that there is going to be some wingnut to pop out of the woodwork. The action was all right, and Kitty's family dynamics were understandable and humorous.

Stick with it if you're bored with the series. The next book is really good. Jun 27, Yodamom rated it really liked it Shelves: Audio- Ben and Kitty head to Vegas to get married.

They tried to do it the old fashioned way but it drove them crazy, Vegas sounded so easy. Nothing is easy for Kitty and Ben. First off they are booked into a hotel that has a gun conventions going on.

Killers, hunters and other nasties fill the hotel. Then there is the weird magic act, that may not be a simple magic act. Wait there is more, The creepy decor of the cats lair.

The laid back master vampire and the lack of any other werewolves, the missing man, the flying bullets. Phew-There is a lot going on in Vegas. Poor Kitty, she really gets a hard puzzle to solve in this mystery.

I enjoyed the strength given to her character to work the details out. She did what she had to to get the resolution she had to have.

She has to deal with some crazy old stuff that is not gone and not forgotten. I can't wait to read the next one. Jan 13, Erma Talamante rated it really liked it Shelves: Part of the sad little stack that was available in the jury waiting room Jul 27, Jim rated it liked it Shelves: Another fun read, but I think she was pushing the story line a bit.

I don't have the next book, either. Sep 17, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fifth in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a werewolf radio talk show host who discusses the supernatural.

My Take It is pretty funny how wedding-phobic Kitty is and how terrified she is of telling her mother. It just would have been so much safer if she'd stayed in Denver and stuck it out.

Sure, Ben wouldn't have learned about his poker skills until later, but they'd both have been so much safer. What is it with people who think you'll be safer if you don't know anything?

I don't get t Fifth in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a werewolf radio talk show host who discusses the supernatural.

I don't get that. Especially with someone as nosey as Kitty is. She may be a werewolf, but her curiosity is gonna get her killed one of these days.

Still, it's interesting to read of her adventures with her combination of reporter, the supernatural, and a refusal to take no for an answer.

She and Ben are just everyday people outside their werewolf personas and it's always fun to see how Vaughn transcends the normal with Kitty.

I get that Kitty loves Ben. Does this mean she has to go off half-cocked? It's all the hassle and the expense that trips them into the idea of a wedding in Vegas.

Even better, do one of her shows live on television from Sin City. This live, televised broadcast would be under Kitty's control this time!

Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans. Who knew there was going to be a supernatural bounty hunter convention in Vegas?

Ben O'Farrell was her lawyer. Since he was bitten, he's become Kitty's lover. Gail and Jim Norville are her parents and they come along for the ride.

Ellen O'Farrell is Ben's mom, a rancher's wife who became a waitress when her husband went to jail. Shaun is her beta and runs the New Moon restaurant in Denver.

A casual meeting place for any lycanthrope. Matt is her Denver-based engineer. Rick is the new vampire Master of Denver.

Ben's bounty hunter "friends" Boris and Sylvia are a partnership; he's the scary-looking one. She IS the scary one. Brenda and Evan are Odysseus Grant is a magicianstage and real.

Balthasar performs with his show as the King of Beasts with a pride of tigers in his act. Only they are much more than mere tigers and they have something special planned for Kitty and the priestess of Tiamat , a goddess of chaos, is leading the pride.

Dom is the Master of Las Vegas, supposedly. Faber is a petty Vegas crime lord who seems too interested in Ben. The Cover The cover is golden in its brilliance from the sun and the lights on the Strip.

They still manage a moon in there as well as a yellow tiger to threaten a cocky Kitty in her black cropped tank top and low-cut jeans that reveal her tramp stamp.

As pretty as she looks, Kitty is ready for action with her hands on her hips and her golden hair pulled back in a single braid down her back. The title is both a reference to Kitty's trip to Las Vegas and it could be that Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand had an ace up her sleeve.

One even she wasn't aware of. May 07, T. Day rated it really liked it. I like the change of settings in the books. However, things never go truly right for the poor werewolf anyway.

For this one, the characters and setting grabbed me more than the plot itself. I like the mash up of personalities and the action each character brings.

Overall, I give this book a fabulous four. A friend of mine and I were chatting about how this was a transitional type of book in a series, one that has the characters catching up after the events of the last few books and eases you into the newness of the next plot.

Since we've both read it before, we know what's coming up however, I've only read up to Kitty In The Underworld and we also know things get worse before they get better.

We were confused because the plot, though engaging and plausible, didn't seem to have any meaning to the series itself, disregarding the ending.

My thoughts on this are that Kitty ventures out into a new place after she and Ben take over a pack as new Alphas She's experienced the D.

But she figures out she can't and so this makes her want to return home, where things make sense and where she's in charge again. I think the author wanted to stress that this was a learning experience for Kitty.

Dec 30, Karissa rated it liked it. This is book 5 in the Kitty Norville series. It was definitely not a strong book in this series.

The book really spent more time kind of setting up a new story. In this book Kitty and Ben decide to go to Las Vegas to get married.

Only things start to get complicated. Kitty's boss talks her into doing a televised version of her radio show while she's in Vegas and Rick asks Kitty to deliver a note to the Master vampire of Las Vegas.

Things begin to fall apart when Kitty finds out about the local La This is book 5 in the Kitty Norville series. Things begin to fall apart when Kitty finds out about the local Las Vegas pack and stumbles upon new types of magic and a secret that the local vampires have been keeping under wraps.

This was an okay book in the series. I felt like Kitty spent a lot of time running around sticking her nose in where she shouldn't and in general not really accomplishing anything.

It was a bit frustrating to watch Kitty not have a clue what she was doing. She even had trouble getting guests for her radio show.

In general the pace of this book was a bit frantic and not in a griping and engaging sort of way. There is also a large shortage of action scenes; I think there is one action scene in the whole darn book None of the characters were really developed any further.

A lot of main characters from the previous books are conspicuously absent for most of this book. Even Ben is only actually present for a very brief amount of time.

Overall it seemed like the sole purpose of this book was to introduce some new characters and set up some big events for the next book; so let's hope the next book is better.

Which leads me to the positive points of this book; it wasn't a total loss. Balthasar and Odysseus Grant are amazing characters.

New and interesting magic elements move throughout the story. The book is a quick and still fun read.

It is somewhat engaging. This is an okay book about Kitty; just don't get too excited about it. See it as a necessary read to continue on in the series and hope that the 6th book is awesome.

Jun 21, Chuck Shingledecker rated it it was ok. I've loved every book in this series. Vaughn is a solid writer and Kitty Norville is a strong, interesting, and complex protagonist.

I like Vaughn's twists on common tropes and in the past I tore through these books in record speed for me anyway. But Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand just doesn't hold up to the first 4 books in the series.

I bought this two months ago and the first 6 or 7 chapters just never grabbed me and yanked me through like the previous books. I think the problem, for me, was I've loved every book in this series.

I think the problem, for me, was that I didn't really understand what Kitty's goal was in this book. Up until then it's just Kitty and Ben on a bad vacation which didn't make for very interesting reading.

Having said that, when the story finally does begin, it's quite good. It brings in some new mythology into the series and I'm excited to see where Vaughn takes it.

I've already bought the next two in the series because she's earned my trust with the previous books. Fruitautomaten zijn de vaak eenvoudige gokkasten die je kent uit de lokale gokhal of snackbar.

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